Saturday, November 15, 2008

Halloween 2008

Sarah Palin and Pretty Woman

Loving the rednecks!!

John McCain and Sarah Palin

The Joker

The Tree Hugger and His Tree

The Little Bumble Bee

Whitney and her friends

Three bees on the street
Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Whitney dressed up as a bumble bee and went trick or treating in the neighborhood. We had family and friends over for chili and had a great time. The neighborhood was full of many cute kids. There was a whole hive of bees and they were all buzzing around. The next night was Halloween for the big kids. David and I dressed up as a tree hugging hippy and a tree. David came up with the idea and I have to say it turned out to be a pretty good one. Whitney went to Mimi's for a sleepover and David and I headed down the street for the party-not returning until MUCH too late!! Overall a great time!!

Where oh where did October Go??

Whitney and Mommy on my birthday

Uncle Matts old fire truck that Grandpa restored to like new condition.

The newest firetruck at Grandpas house

Daddy riding the bikes at the pumkin patch
Deep concentration at the Pumpkin Patch

Look How Tall!!!

Once again I am so far behind the eight ball and another month has come and gone-actually now we are half way through November. October was a fun and busy month. A trip to the pumpkin patch with daycare, my birthday, fire truck fun, Halloween and many other random busy days. Whitney is growing so much and is starting to really talk up a storm. She is really picking up on things quickly. We sneeze and she says "Bless you", she knows some shapes, colors and numbers, she recognizes friends and family in pictures and will point say their names, she can pretty well tell us what it is she it wanting. Within the last few days, whenever she stubs a toe or finger she says "kiss" to make it better. The commands to Maddie (whom she now calls Maddie Girl) have increased-sit, stay, stop, NO NO NO, eat, come-and Maddie just lays there and takes it all in. She is so much fun these days and we are looking forward to the holidays!! She even regonizes and says Santa whenever we see a Santa Clause.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Random Pictures

First Pedicure given by Aunt J

Little Devil

10 months old

This post is just a lot of random photos from the past month. I have not been the best at taking pictures lately and when I do get the camera out Whitney acts more like a little clown which makes getting good pictures a little difficult. She just grows more everyday and so does her personality. NO is a new favorite much to my dismay; however, she does well with the please and thank you's too-so-it balances out I guess. She is just taking off everywhere and LOVES to be outside. I really think she would stay outside all day long if she could. Not a ton to say in this post, just wanted to get some new pictures out.

The Ace of Cakes?? NOT QUITE!!

First Cake-Practicing for Halloween

Second Cake-Learning the pretty shell edging

Third and Final cake-Making the Roses-proved to be a lot harder than expected

Last month I decided to take a cake decorating class at Michaels. It was a four week course (every Wednesday night from 6:30-8:30) and I have to admit it was a good time. I made three cakes and A TON of icing. Am I ready to apply to work with the Ace of Cakes?-Not in a million years!! That man and his cakes are amazing.

Monday, September 8, 2008

What a Difference a Year Makes

Each year at the end of the summer the kids have an ice cream social at Ms. Karens. They just had one this year and I came across a picture of Whitney from last years ice cream social and - WOW - to compare the pictures together really reminds me how much she has grown up in only a year. It is just amazing!!

First Day of School

The Humble Beginnings pool is closed for this summer and so begins the "school" year. Whitney has school every day and each week is a different theme, letter and number and each month is a different color. She got her backpack all ready for the first day of school after the Labor Day Weekend. She is sporting a Tinkerbell backpack to carry her paperwork home(which was a birthday gift from Ms. Karen). Bring on the learning fun!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kansas City Trip

August 28th the Hobbs family woke up early and left the house at 5:30am in order to make the plane in Louisville at 7:55am. We tried to keep Whitney sleeping; however, once she realized we were off on a trip she was wide awake and ready for the action. She did awesome on all of the plane rides. The only problem we had was keeping her in her seat for a full 2 hours span (lots of gummies and teddy grahams). We arrived in Kansas City at 2pm and got our rental van (a Chrysler Town & Country). I swear I will NEVER own a minivan; however this thing was nice. It had a tv and pull down carseats (so much for packing the very heavy Britax along). We arrived at Uncle Matts around 2:30 and I don't think we stopped until we got back on the plane Sunday at 1pm. Thursday and Saturday nights we got to spend time with Uncle Joel, Aunt Pee Wee and Madi. They provided us with two great meals!! Friday morning we got up and headed off the the Federal Reserve of Kansas City for a tour. Whitney got stuck in her stroller in the turnstyle on the way out (funny story) and had to be rescued by the security officers (so embarrassing). We left there for lunch outside at Jack Stacks. That night we fixed dinner at home and hung out at Uncle Matts. Saturday was touring KC and checking out some AMAZING houses in Kansas, the WWI memorial, and Union Station (very cool old train station). Then lunch at the Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza. Dinner at Uncle Joels and home to bed. Sunday we got up for Starbucks and got packed up to head home. The weekend went by very fast but we had a great time and our hosts (Matt and Andrea) were very gracious. We already have a list of places and things we would like to do when we make a return visit (maybe next year). Check out some of the pictures for glimpse of our trip.

Whitney and Blankie
Whitney and Daddy on the Plane

Uncle Matt and Andrea

At the World War I Museum

At the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Union Station

Jack Stacks for lunch
Cheesecake Factory

World War I Museum (outside in front of the tower and on the top of the tower-awesome view of the city)

Uncle Joels (playing on the trampoline with Madi)