Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kansas City Trip

August 28th the Hobbs family woke up early and left the house at 5:30am in order to make the plane in Louisville at 7:55am. We tried to keep Whitney sleeping; however, once she realized we were off on a trip she was wide awake and ready for the action. She did awesome on all of the plane rides. The only problem we had was keeping her in her seat for a full 2 hours span (lots of gummies and teddy grahams). We arrived in Kansas City at 2pm and got our rental van (a Chrysler Town & Country). I swear I will NEVER own a minivan; however this thing was nice. It had a tv and pull down carseats (so much for packing the very heavy Britax along). We arrived at Uncle Matts around 2:30 and I don't think we stopped until we got back on the plane Sunday at 1pm. Thursday and Saturday nights we got to spend time with Uncle Joel, Aunt Pee Wee and Madi. They provided us with two great meals!! Friday morning we got up and headed off the the Federal Reserve of Kansas City for a tour. Whitney got stuck in her stroller in the turnstyle on the way out (funny story) and had to be rescued by the security officers (so embarrassing). We left there for lunch outside at Jack Stacks. That night we fixed dinner at home and hung out at Uncle Matts. Saturday was touring KC and checking out some AMAZING houses in Kansas, the WWI memorial, and Union Station (very cool old train station). Then lunch at the Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza. Dinner at Uncle Joels and home to bed. Sunday we got up for Starbucks and got packed up to head home. The weekend went by very fast but we had a great time and our hosts (Matt and Andrea) were very gracious. We already have a list of places and things we would like to do when we make a return visit (maybe next year). Check out some of the pictures for glimpse of our trip.

Whitney and Blankie
Whitney and Daddy on the Plane

Uncle Matt and Andrea

At the World War I Museum

At the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Union Station

Jack Stacks for lunch
Cheesecake Factory

World War I Museum (outside in front of the tower and on the top of the tower-awesome view of the city)

Uncle Joels (playing on the trampoline with Madi)

Friday, August 22, 2008


Fabric I intend to use to make curtains-this is taking MUCH longer than I expected.


Beginning in April of 08 we decided it was finally time for our kitchen to receive a FULL makeover. We had been planning for this for quite some time and to see it finally happen was wonderful. I was not however prepared for the month plus without access to a kitchen. The whole process was well worth the wait and I wish I had better BEFORE pictures to share but as I have stated before I am a procrastinator to fault. Anywho-by Mother Day the final touches were put on and the kitchen was done (what a wonderful gift)!! Now I just need to finish my part and make some curtains (you will notice the fabric I have purchased for this project). I just wanted to share this remodel as I am so proud of the final product-David did a wonderful job!! And if you are asking why I am just now posting this-I just got around to taking AFTER pictures-surprise-surprise.

Cousins are the BEST!!

Finally I am posting the promised pictures of the cousins from their photo shoot the week after the Fourth of July. Had I mentioned there were over 100 pictures taken and I could have posted them all-the girls are so darn cute together!! Whitney loves hanging out with her cousins and it is no secret that we wished they didn't live 6 hours away. But we ARE coming to visit in September so do not fret-they will get together again soon!! Which just means more great pics for all my avid readers-hahahaha.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Where Have the Hobbs Been???

Eating the raw corn from the farmers market
Loud mouth (Ms. Sassy) in Pigtails
Maddies Boss (notice the fingerpointing-where does she pick this up??haha)
The Pigtails!!

Aunt J and Brian on the Fourth (see Aunt J you guys made the blog!!)
Luau sleepover cookout
The Hula Kids!!
Baseball game with Grandpa Tucker

More Raw Corn (I don't know how to download these in the order I want)
Whitney and Aunt J and after the Baptism
Whitney, Parent and Godparents (Aunt J and Uncle Jon-my sister and Davids best friend-not together so no one gets confused) at the Baptism
Whitney, Parents, Godparents, Grandparents and Priest
Actual Sleepover part of the Luau

Ready for bed at the sleepover

Hanging with Daddy
At Swim Lessons

Out to eat (think she looks just like David in the pic) Baptism
After the Baptism with all the girls (loving their matching dresses compliments of Georgie and Granddad)

Now it has been way over a month since my last post and I know you must be waiting daily for new pics. We have been BUSY the last month. The Fourth of July was a blast. Aunt Stephanie and the gang made their way to Lexington for a long visit and we got to spend a lot of quality time together. Whitney just loves her cousins and we all wish we could see more of each other. On the 4th we had a very nice brunch at the Hobbs (Davids parents) house and then we all got together that night for the annual club cookout and fireworks. Aunt J (Jennifer) and her new beau Brian also joined us which was so nice. Then on Sunday the 6th Whitney was finally baptised at Christ the King. After the Baptism everyone headed over to our house for a very casual lunch (KFC, some fabulous sides and the White Sangria!!-easy and delicious). Whitney and her cousins got together later in the week for a photo shoot of which I will post those fabulous photos later (still need to download in order to attach). Whitney took swim lessons at the Y and LOVED every minute. She loves to swim. She puts her face under and jumps in from the side-it was a great experience and we will be signing up for the next level once she is 18 months. We went to the zoo with daycare in the middle of July and Whitney loved all of the animals (of course the ducks are still her favorite). Ms. Karen had a daycare luau and sleepover a few Fridays ago which is always so nice for the parents. David and I took the opportunity to go out to an adult dinner establishment (something other than El Toro, pizza, Pad Thai and such). It was a very nice break compliments of Ms. Karen (thank you!!!). You will see from the pictures that Whitney had just as much fun at the luau sleepover. You will also have to check out some of my random pics, including the ones with the pigtails. Ms. Karen put her hair up in the pigtails a week ago and it was the cutest thing I had ever seen-she is truly a toddler now. She screams out "baby" at all of the other babies we see while we are out now. How did it go by so fast??!!! She just amazes me-if you can't tell from some of the photos, she is the sassiest little person I have ever met and she is giving us a run for our money. The time just seems to be slipping away and before we know it September will be here. In just a couple weeks we will be heading out to Kansas City, MO to visit Uncle Matt and Erica (my brother and his girlfriend). I am so excited and it will be Whitney first time on the plane. I know I promise to keep everyone up to date and I haven't been great at downloading photos so it slows the whole process down. I know this has been a long rambling-just wanted to get in all I could and I will TRY to be better at posting-even if it is only a few blurbs without pics. Just four more days until the weekend!!!