Saturday, November 15, 2008

Halloween 2008

Sarah Palin and Pretty Woman

Loving the rednecks!!

John McCain and Sarah Palin

The Joker

The Tree Hugger and His Tree

The Little Bumble Bee

Whitney and her friends

Three bees on the street
Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Whitney dressed up as a bumble bee and went trick or treating in the neighborhood. We had family and friends over for chili and had a great time. The neighborhood was full of many cute kids. There was a whole hive of bees and they were all buzzing around. The next night was Halloween for the big kids. David and I dressed up as a tree hugging hippy and a tree. David came up with the idea and I have to say it turned out to be a pretty good one. Whitney went to Mimi's for a sleepover and David and I headed down the street for the party-not returning until MUCH too late!! Overall a great time!!


Jennifer said...

Great pictures! I am so sorry I missed your birthday!!!!!! I'm such a deadbeat! UGH! I can't believe how big Whitney is getting... and I am ashamed that I still have not met her in person! Again - such a loser. At least I can see her one here! :) Let's TRY to get together soon!

Kentucky Katie said...

I tagged you! Have a great weekend.